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There are three different types of hazmat endorsements. Officially, the authorization to transport hazardous materials is an endorsement. To apply for a hazmat endorsement, you need to be at least 21 years of age and a US citizen or permanent resident and not have committed any disqualifying crimes.

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Some crimes will permanently disqualify you, including treason, terrorism, murder, and illegal handling of explosives. Other crimes will bar you from a hazmat endorsement only temporarily or may be waived if you appeal for it. These crimes include assault, weapons violations, drug dealing, and others.

Consult your state and the TSA for a complete list of disqualifying crimes. Any and every truck driver who transports, or would like to qualify to transport, hazardous materials that could endanger transportation safety. This includes anyone who loads, receives, fills, packages, marks, blocks and braces, or classifies hazardous materials. Basically, if you have any contact at all with placarded hazardous materials, you need proper training and certification. Getting a hazmat endorsement is not a quick process.

CDL Hazmat Test Practice Questions for 12222

Plan on 30 days for the background check, plus another week or two, depending on how long each step takes you to complete:. A hazmat license is valid for 5 years. The TSA will notify you about 90 days before your previous background check expires. To renew your hazmat license, go to the TSA to submit fingerprints, pay the fee, and begin the background check process again.

Many states will require you to retake the written test or to renew your hazmat at the same time you renew your CDL. All hazmat employees, including truck drivers, must receive training every 3 years to review requirements and learn any updates or revisions.

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Truck drivers, and anyone else involved in handling hazardous materials, must be trained regularly to keep up to date on new and revised laws and requirements. Safety on the road depends on drivers knowing and following best practices for transporting hazardous materials. Check with your DMV to find out what costs and fees are associated with the hazmat endorsement in your state.

Some companies will reimburse truck drivers for the cost of getting this endorsement, especially if having one is part of the job description and duties.

If you are between jobs or are an independent contractor, the costs will be an investment in your career. Earning your hazmat endorsement can help you maximize your earning potential as a commercial truck driver. Having the license makes you a more valuable employee, and in turn, can increase your salary and how much you are paid per mile or per haul.

If you are looking for work right now or working as a contractor, already having your hazmat license will make you stand out among other applicants. Getting a hazmat license will increase the number of trucking jobs you will be qualified to apply for. It is an additional certification that shows your qualification for the job and your dedication to your career. The Department of Transportation has very specific criteria for what hazardous materials must be transported by a driver with a hazmat endorsement.


How to Get a Hazmat Endorsement | PAM Transport

The quantity and form of the material matters in determining how hazardous it is to safety and the environment. The best way to determine if a material can only be transported by trained drivers is to check if it requires placarding—the large diamond-shaped hazard signs posted on the outside of vehicles. If a substance requires placarding, you need a Hazmat endorsement. In addition to a fine, you may lose your CDL, which will make it hard to earn money as a truck driver.

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HAZMAT Endorsement

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USA Patriot Act of 2001

The process includes a criminal records check, and certain offenses make it difficult or impossible to get a HAZMAT endorsement. The TSA divides these offenses into three categories: interim or temporary disqualifiers, permanent disqualifiers with possible waiver or appeal, and permanent disqualifiers with no waiver or appeal.

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Convictions for certain crimes will bar an applicant released from prison within the past five years - seven if the applicant was found not guilty because of insanity. Offenses in this category include assault, kidnapping, racketeering, weapons violations, fraud, smuggling and distribution of illegal drugs, among others.

Some crimes will permanently disqualify an HME applicant, but an appeal or waiver of restrictions is still possible. These offenses are generally more serious than interim or temporary disqualifiers, or relate more closely to the transportation of hazardous material.

A murder conviction falls into this category, for example, but so does the criminal mishandling of hazardous materials, or illegal handling or transportation of explosives.