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Again, these delays are due to production scheduling variations, as well as later use of any engines that did not pass run-in test the first or subsequent time and were sent back for engine rework and retest before subsequent numbering and use in vehicle assembly. Additionally, the original engine production ledgers on file at the Benson Ford Research Center clearly show, by serial number, hundreds of engines which were re-numbered at the Rouge with entirely new engine numbers.

All Model A engine serial numbers were hand-stamped on the left hand side of the engine block, above the water inlet as shown above. There were variations in the spacing, position, orientation, and sharpness of individual numerals due to the manual alignment and stamping operation. The number pad itself was an as-cast surface on US-produced engines and was not machined flat.

Ford Truck VIN Decoder - Newer Trucks

However, some early and some Canadian-produced and numbered engine blocks were stamped on a machined pad surface, not on an as-cast surface. In the case of US built Rouge engines, the original number is always in the top half of the cast pad. If the engine was re-numbered at the Rouge, then the upper number was obscured with a series of "X" stamps over the number, and then the new or corrected number was stamped on the pad directly below the original number.

The re-number also included the stars and A or AA prefix.

The engine number is distinct from the alpha prefix letter s. Only the specific engine serial number, not the prefix nor type, can identify the actual engine production facility as being either the Rouge or Dagenham, England. Canadian-produced engines can be readily identified by their Canada-unique prefixes and serial numbers. RHD engines and vehicles produced in Canada for export to British Empire countries carried typical Canadian engine number prefixes, and the prefix did not indicate if the engine and chassis was configured for RHD or LHD usage.

British-built: Small bore These engines were primarily for domestic use in Great Britain and Ireland, not for export. Large bore British-built engines did not carry the 'F' in the engine number prefix, nor did RHD English-produced chassis. The 'AF' in the engine number and in the vehicle Model name indicated only that the British-produced vehicle had a small bore It may also have had an 'F' in the prefix i. Canadian engine production records, prefixes, and details follow in the second table below, after the Rouge records.

The first table below shows the Rouge engine production records and information available from the Benson Ford Research Center. The exact dates in the table come from the original Foreman's handwritten notes and records in the original Daily Engine Production Log books.

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Those foreign operations built mixes of small and large bore engines, in both LHD and RHD configurations, and those engines would have a 'Rouge' number, though the engine was built and numbered elsewhere in the world. These foreign-use numbers are sometimes referred to as 'omitted' numbers since they were not actually physically stamped at the Rouge facility in the US.


In some cases, there are two dates relating to foreign serial number transactions in the table below. These groups of numbers are sometimes referred to as 'omitted' numbers. The second is the actual later Dearborn date when the Rouge shop-floor engine production operation reached that previously-reserved range of serial numbers. That is the day the Rouge had to 'skip over' or 'omit' that group of pre-assigned foreign serial numbers during their daily US engine production numbering and stamping operations.

This second date may have been only days, months, or possibly even years after the initial 'reservation' and reassignment of the numbers for foreign use. During the early heyday of Model A production, serial number assignments for foreign use were essentially made on an as-requested, running, and instantaneous basis. During the Model A late-production and post-production era throughout the 's at the Rouge, there were large time gaps between dates when groups of numbers were pre-assigned for foreign use, and when the Rouge shop-floor daily production operations actually reached and skipped-over that group of foreign-reserved numbers.

Canadian-produced Model A engine numbers were also stamped on the engine block left hand side, the same location as US-produced engines. The engine number consisted of prefix letters and a unique numeric serial number. The engine serial number was separate from the prefix letters, together making the complete unique engine number. The engine number was unique and was not directly correlated to the prefix letters or to US production engine numbers.

The prefix was then followed by an additional 'A' if it was a truck engine. As an example, a 'CAA' in place of the letters 'CA' in the individual unique engine number's prefix designated that the engine was equipped with a truck clutch. Each of those prefix series had a maximum of 10, serial numbers associated to it, before advancing to the next letter prefix series and starting over at numeral '1'.

An 'AA' rather than an 'A' in the prefix indicated a truck engine. Note the small sized number pad. What makes it unusual is that the number pad appears to be machined flat in the same plane as the water inlet boss. Later number pads were un-machined as-cast surfaces.

Decoded VIN:

The engine block pad was left unstamped and as-cast. The pic above shows the typical US and Canadian Model B engine number location on top of the Model B or Model 46 flywheel housing , above the starting motor. Note that the number reads from the front of the engine in this example.

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Others read from the rear. For and subsequent production years, British Model B, BF, and Fourteen cars, and Model BB Ford and Fordson trucks and engines again carried the serial number from US Rouge number groups stamped on the as-cast pad above the water inlet on the block, the same location as all the earlier Model A's.

The Ford Truck Digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Decoder

There's a lot of math that goes into calculating how to use the check digit with your VIN, and as long as your Mustang doesn't have a suspicious history, you shouldn't have to worry about this digit. For example:. The model year identifier starts at when VINs were standardized and started at the letter "A". After "Y" in , the model year identifiers went to numbers starting with "1" in The number identifiers stopped at "9" and restarted at "A" in This number is usually a sequential number. Sometimes the first digit will designate a specific, optional trim line.

The last five have to be numeric, however. If you want a simple way to decode your VIN quickly, check out this useful tool. When it comes to buying a clutch or a shifter, it is important to be able to identify which manual Mustang transmission is installed in your car.

Some of you may be wondering about the other digits. Introduced in the early s, the T5 has found a home in many vehicles as the OEM option. The T5 can handle up to lb-fts of torque. Introduced in , the T 5-speed was Tremec's first manual transmission which replaced Borg Warner's T5 transmission.

The T45 can handle up to ft-lbs of torque. The T Tremec manual transmission is the high-performance option for your Cobra. It features a double-overdrive 6-speed, and Tremec fuses their OEM data and technology with the favorable aspects of their TKO 5-speed. The T Magnum can handle ft-lbs of torque. This TR can handle up to lb-fts of torque. Changes like different tail housings, shifter locations, larger internal gears, and overall different transmission length were some to name.

Ford Vehicle Identification Number Location

The TR can handle up to lb-fts of torque with the same firm shifting from the previous TRs. The transmission is a full synchronizer manual transmission with six forward speeds and one reverse speed. This increased ease of operation and the lifespan of the synchronizers. Hence, why it's found in the Shelby GT No down payment required subject to the approval of credit by Ford Credit. The electric driving range of the Ford Focus Electric is km.

Dealer Selling Price is the price at which the selling dealer is willing to sell or lease the selected vehicle. Dealer Selling Price includes options, destination and delivery charges, freight, and AC Tax but excludes, without limitation, Available Incentives, Green Levy if applicable , taxes, title and registration fees.

Dealer Selling Price will be valid for 48 hours after certificate submission excluding Sundays and nationally and provincially observed holidays ; subject to vehicle availability and the terms of Ready.

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In such cases, the dealer will decide which customer to sell the vehicle to. This may be based on which customer arrives at the dealership first. The time of submission of a deal will not determine which customer the dealer sells the vehicle to. Until the contract of sale is completed, a dealer is not obliged to sell a particular vehicle to any individual customer. Please check with your dealer whether the vehicle you have selected is still available. See dealer for details. Receive a winter performance package which includes: four 4 winter tires, four 4 tire pressure monitoring sensors, and choice of four 4 steel or aluminum wheels when you purchase or lease any new Ford Fusion, EcoSport, Escape, Edge excluding ST , Flex, Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, and F excluding Raptor between October 1 and December 2, Engine failure due to: abuse, misuse, neglect, alteration, accident, racing; improper lubrication, repair, or installation; use in applications for which they were either not designed, or functionally intended, or not approved by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited; cleaning, adjustment or replacement as a part of normal maintenance; or failures caused by non-Ford parts, are not covered under this warranty.

Transmission failure due to: abuse, misuse, neglect, alteration, accident, racing; improper lubrication, repair, or installation; use in applications for which they were either not designed, or functionally intended, or not approved by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited; cleaning, adjustment or replacement as a part of normal maintenance; or failures caused by non-Ford parts, are not covered under this warranty. I Turbo, 7. I Turbo Diesel Engine Assemblies , purchased from Ford or Ford Lincoln dealers, that are found to be defective in material or workmanship. When properly equipped.

Maximum torque of lb. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8, lbs. GVWR based on Ford segmentation. Class is Fullsize Pickups under 8, lbs kg versus and Competitors. When properly configured.