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On Election Night, he left a watch party feeling physically sick. Several months later, during a gathering of AGs at a DC hotel, Racine was pulled into a meeting with Laurence Tribe, a constitutional-law professor at Harvard, and Norm Eisen, the prominent Washington ethics lawyer who was recently named special oversight counsel to the House judiciary committee. The passages on emoluments—an archaic term for tributes or favors—were partly the answer.

What Happens If I Don't Pay Property Taxes in Wisconsin?

It was later thrown out though is now on appeal. The problem, as lawyers knew from the beginning, was who had standing to sue. But a single property stood out among the rest: Pennsylvania Avenue, the new Trump International Hotel, an easy mark for any diplomat, business, or lobbyist aiming to please the President. In March , Eisen walked Racine and Frosh through the ways in which the lawsuit might be won. Frosh felt readier to commit. Twenty months later, the emoluments case has hit a major crossroads.

The suit would go forward. The Trump administration, in response, requested an emergency appeal. If the case proceeds to trial, that could mean some or much of the documents and testimony would become public—a new political albatross for Trump in the year leading up to Racine is suing on consumer-protection grounds and seeking three things: civil penalties, to make Facebook suffer for misleading DC residents; restitution, so locals can get a check for their hardship; and a court order preventing Facebook from ever pulling the same stunt again.

While the case is still in a nascent stage, the wider response so far has been more muted than it was to the emoluments fight. Racine is charging alone: No other AGs have signed on or filed a similar suit of their own. If Racine can show that users would have made a different choice had they known about the breach—switched accounts, for example, to MySpace—he might win. Some tech lawyers think the bigger play is for history. Certainly, Silicon Valley feels this way. What does Karl Racine want?

If this seems fanciful, Silverman offers a counterpoint. Holder and Mr.

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