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  1. Same-sex marriage legislation in the United States
  2. RI legislature OKs gay marriage bill; gov to sign – The San Francisco Examiner
  3. Legislature OKs Gay Marriage
  4. California Homosexual Agenda
  5. Breaking news: New Hampshire Senate OKs same-sex marriage

I think it still has to go through the House, actually — the bill was first introduced in the Senate. So what are our numbers there?

The final vote was Every bill gets voted on twice, and one of the original no votes switched to yes on the second vote. The amendment to send it directly to referendum was voted down.

Same-sex marriage legislation in the United States

The bill was introduced in the Senate first because that was going to be the toughest chamber to get it through. The Speaker of the House is a cosponsor of the bill and the Democratic majority is much larger in the House than the Senate. If you live in Maine, please call Governor Baldacci and encourage him to sign the bill should it come to his desk.

The opposition needs to collect just over 55, signatures between June 17 end of session and September 15 90 days. It would be on the ballot either November or June , depending on how quickly they gather their signatures and submit them to the Secretary of State.

RI legislature OKs gay marriage bill; gov to sign – The San Francisco Examiner

What are the polls saying regarding the support in the general public. Is it close, are we down or are we up? If the bill passes with no veto from the governor, when would it go into effect? But of course, we saw numbers like that in California, too.

Legislature OKs Gay Marriage

Things seem different right now though, and Maine is a less polarized environment than California. Where does RI stand?

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That is the last place if we get Maine…. Some of this is follow the leader. The bill, passed 30 to 8, removes the name and title of the county clerk and deputy clerk from the documents.

California Homosexual Agenda

One of the licenses would designate "bride and groom" and the other would designate "first party and second party. Couples can choose which form to use.

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  • Action is first by a U.S. legislative body; bill goes to Schwarzenegger's desk!
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  • Republican state Sen. Stephen West said the new forms address Davis' concerns. Last year, the longtime county clerk refused to issue any marriage licenses after the U. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.

    Breaking news: New Hampshire Senate OKs same-sex marriage

    Davis was jailed for several days after she was found in contempt of court for ignoring a judge's orders to issue marriage licenses to all couples. Minutes after the Republican-led Senate approved the bill, opponents declared it unconstitutional and railed against lawmakers. By Amy R. The Kentucky state Senate approved a bill creating two marriage license forms, one for same-sex couples and one for straight couples.

    The bill was created in response to Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis's refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses based on her religious beliefs.