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Contact a Public Records Specialist for the department where you think the records might be held. They may refer you back to the Public Records Officer, if that department does not hold those records. The Public Records Officer will then determine the appropriate department for the request.

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If you submit a request without specific details, a Public Records Specialist may contact you to help clarify your request. Depending on the record format, record content, and your preferences, the county may provide records in a variety of formats:.

"Preparing Responsible Citizens, Who Are Lifelong Learners."

The county provides public records for inspection during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays. Drewel Building at Rockefeller Ave.

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  3. Public Records Act Requests?
  4. Everett, WA The county may withhold restricted records in their entirety, or may "redact" black out part of a record depending on the statutory rules. If you request a public record that contains a list of individuals, you must submit Form 2: Declaration to Release List of Individuals DOC verifying that the list of names will not be used for commercial purposes.

    Privacy: Copyright Public Records

    Form 2 requires the following information:. You must claim or review the assembled records within 30 days after the county notifies you that the records are available for inspection, copying or mailing. If you fail to claim or review the records within the day time period or make other arrangements the request will be closed.

    Access to public records is provided in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws. Skip to Main Content. How Do I Submit a Request?

    Public Records Request

    Use the Public Records Request Portal 2. The public record may also provide information about an agent of the owner who can be contacted to license the registered work or to request permission to use it. Can I remove information that I don't want publicized?

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    • Licenses, permits and regulations.

    Generally, no. When you register a claim to copyright in a work with the Copyright Office, you create a public record of your claim to copyright. Some information you provide on your copyright registration will be available to the public and on the internet. You may wish to consider whether you want to include a business address or phone number instead of personal contact information, or any other optional detail you consider to be sensitive on your application.

    Google Fiber Public Inspection File – Google Fiber

    The sample catalog records below show the information from copyright applications that is typically displayed in the Copyright Office online database. Highlighting is added to show certain personal information that may appear in the record. How can I prevent personal information from being placed on the Copyright Office's website?

    source Any information provided in the rights and permissions section of the application will also be made available online, but providing rights and permissions information is optional. Applicants who want to include rights and permissions information but do not want to provide personal details can use third-party agents, post office boxes, or designated email accounts.