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  1. Find out more about the requirements for this alternative path to marriage.
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Find out more about the requirements for this alternative path to marriage.

This is likely to arise in a divorce or upon the death of either spouse to claim an inheritance, survivor benefits from retirement, or social security. Determining whether you have a valid common law marriage can be complex, and you should consult with an attorney. Only a few U. Some states, such as Georgia, Idaho, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, only allow common law marriages formed before a certain date.

Common-law marriage in the United States

New Hampshire only recognizes common law marriages for inheritance purposes. Utah only recognizes common law marriages after they are validated by a court or administrative order. This site offers legal information, not legal advice. As the recent article noted, there is currently a piece of proposed legislation making its way through the Kansas House that would put an end to common-law marriage starting in July of this year.

No common-law marriages purportedly entered into from that date forward would be recognized as legal. All common-law marriages prior to that date would still be recognized as legal. So, what is the biggest problem with common-law marriages? Well, for the most part, it comes down to the lack of legal documents that are needed in many different situations: tax issues, estate planning and funeral decisions.

Many have family law issues that they need to address through the courts, and common-law marriage may be one such issue. Many other people will have other issues when it comes to marriage and divorce, such as property division, child support and custody issues and alimony.

Common Law Marriage in California

It is important for Kansas residents to know the law in any one of these types of situations. Fees for getting a marriage license in Kansas vary from county to county.

Cash and exact change are required in some counties and it is typically due when you pick up the license. Marriage licence applications can be picked up in person at the Clerk of the District Court office in each county in the state For example, in Shawnee County, applicants must go to the Shawnee County Courthouse, Room to complete and submit their marriage license application.

Check with your county courthouse for individual Kansas county rules and regulations.

Kansas Divorce

Kansas has a three-day waiting period. After you apply for the license, one of you must return to the courthouse three days later to pick it up. Applications placed on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday are generally available on the following Monday.

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A Kansas marriage license is valid for six months. After receiving the license, you have that amount of time to have the wedding ceremony. The license must be returned to the county court that issued it to be recorded.

Kansas Cohabitation Form Categories

Proxy marriages may not be allowed in Kansas, however, there is some debate about it. While there is no apparent documentation that explicitly bans or allows them, some people have stated that they were part of a marriage by a proxy wedding. If it may be a challenge for either of you to be present at the wedding ceremony, it's best to check with the county where you want to get married about this matter. Kansas does not allow cousin marriages.


Common Law Marriage | The Maryland People's Law Library

It's also illegal to marry a parent, grandparent, sibling, or an uncle or aunt. Kansas does allow common-law marriages as long as the couple is over the age of Though the state never passed a same-sex marriage law , it is legal for gay couples to marry in Kansas. This came as a result of the June decision by the U. Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell vs.