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10 Best Yellow Pages Themes for Your Yellow Page Directory

Americans walk to the kitchen during commercial breaks and throw out coupon booklets, but customers treated the yellow pages as a resource rather than spam. In the s, the average American used the yellow pages 1. For businesses, staying out of the yellow pages was the 20th century version of not having a website. Companies changing their name to gain a more favorable position in the directory was the 20th century version of search engine optimization. Advertising in the yellow pages today costs from hundreds of dollars to place a small ad in a rural area to tens of thousands of dollars to place a large ad in New York City per year.

In the age of Google, many small businesses now balk at the prices. But for a long time, business owners paid relatively higher prices. Yellow pages publishers enjoyed a century of great profits because the industry favored monopolies. The first yellow pages were published exclusively by telephone companies. They date to , when a publishing firm producing directories for the Chicago Telephone Company decided to include a classifieds section.

According to a popular story, the color choice came from a printer who ran out of white paper but decided to keep printing on yellow pages. The breakup led to increased competition in the yellow pages industry. But the nature of the business supported the triumph of individual companies in each market. Yellow pages were a fairly all-or-nothing business: customers wanted to use the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory. Competitors made in-roads in atypical markets or by publishing specialized offerings like Chinese- or Spanish-language yellow pages.

In most regions, however, only a single or a few yellow pages directories served as the primary source of referrals for local businesses. If you wanted people to find your business, you had to be in the yellow pages that dominated your area. It was an amazing business model.

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The content yellow pages provided—telephone listings—was cheap or even a monetized asset, with businesses paying to have their number listed. Yet businesses paid large sums just for the right to use bolded text in their ads. Yellow pages companies were regional Googles, monopolizing advertising for local businesses.

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Or was it an opportunity? Yellow pages companies did not sit around and wait for disruption to destroy them.

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  8. They launched digital versions of their directories, and prepared for the 21st century. The Internet held great potential for yellow pages companies that could adapt. Advertisers love that digital ads provide precise information about how many visits and sales they drive. Some industry executives saw promise in charging small businesses to set up and manage their digital shingle—essentially acting as a guide to the digital era for small businesses.

    Yet this could not outweigh the huge blow that the Internet dealt the yellow pages: It destroyed their monopolies and provided alternatives like Google and Facebook to the clunky, old phone books. This meant more competition, and it also made online ads less valuable than print ads.

    It introduced a dilemma familiar to the newspaper industry: transitioning online cannibalized the more lucrative print business. Some executives instructed their sales staffs to prioritize selling print ads, or failed to introduce an option to buy online ads independent of print ads. Other companies scanned their print ads instead of making originals for the net.

    After a great, century-long run, the yellow pages industry faced obsolescence. If the yellow pages are a fossil from the Jurassic Era, then AOL dialup dates back to the age of mammoths and neanderthals. Graphic via Wikimedia. When the yellow pages company Idearc declared bankruptcy in , it was one of three to do so. But then a funny thing happened. Like its peers, Idearc filed for a special case of bankruptcy called chapter 11, which helps companies deeply in debt reorganize and pay back their creditors over time.

    The company did not need loans; it simply could not pay the debts it had amassed during its heyday due to the recession and the decline of the yellow pages industry. Once it agreed with its lenders to reduce its debts, Idearc emerged from chapter 11 bankruptcy as a viable company. Incredibly, despite the rise of competitors, revenues from yellow pages directories kept rising until The directories are still highly used in rural areas where Internet access is limited or the transition online has been slow.

    What Is Local SEO?

    For the same reason, the yellow pages reach many low-income customers. A majority of seniors also use the yellow pages. Seniors have disposable income, they are set in their ways, and although many scrimp and save, they have expensive needs like home repair and healthcare. The yellow pages even serve a niche among non-laggards for finding services like local home repair. In , for example, Andrew Shotland posted the following on a search engine optimization website:. My name is Andrew Shotland and I am a print yellow pages user. But, then, a main water pipe to the house started to leak and flooded my lawn.

    When he needed a plumber, Shotland turned to the yellow pages. We also offer custom modification services at affordable prices and you can request a custom design development via contact form.

    Find Local Businesses - Search, Contact and Review | Yellow® NZ

    Professional looking template for Subrion CMS Yellow Pages package which has been designed mainly for leisure websites. Subrion yellow pages software can be used for different types of websites. The software is flexible and scalable , so it can be easily adapted to fit your own vision of a website. The software supports fields management so you can easily affect your listing fields set.

    What Options Do You Have?

    Below you can see only some ways how yellow pages script could be used. You're welcome to drop us a few lines if you have not decided on the best yellow pages software. We are sure we provide a win-win solution for you.

    Business Listing Sites 12222

    Buy with Crypto. Home Products Yellow Pages Script. Yellow Pages Script. Key Features Here is the list of the most important features, that move our yellow pages script ahead of our competitors. Unlimited Nested Structure Create as many locations, categories, and listings as you need.

    Revenue Potential There are many ways to monetize your website including advanced banner system, easy AdSense placement, sponsored listings submissions, and account paid memberships.

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    Business Listing Reviews Start using our software as a business reviews website. Yellow Pages Script Demo See for yourself why thousands of webmasters and agencies choose Subrion products as a complete solution for their websites. Front-end demo It's what your site visitors will see when they come to your site.

    Front-end Account area demo Shows what functionality exists for registered Subrion members. Use the following credentials: username: front password: demo Go to Account area. Earn with this package Subrion yellow pages software provides many ways to monetize your website. Extensions for Yellow Pages Script There are plenty of Subrion templates that can be used with the yellow pages script.

    Featured extensions Free. Cityguide 1. Locality Movers 3. Locality Restaurants 4. YP theme II 3.